The RED Scout (iamthescouthere) wrote in teufort,
The RED Scout

WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING FEMALE VERSIONS OF CLASSES. Plus other stuff worthy of mentioning.

This is to everyone who's sent me an application for them. If we already have a class, you can't be a female version of it. We've thought this over and it's just going to cause problems. Also, if there's already a class taken that you want, please don't try and apply as them. At the moment, we have no Heavies and one Demoman available on the BLU team. We also have a bunch of side characters (Saxton Hale anyone?) that need to be filled. If you want to accept the challenge and RP as one of them, please, feel free to send me or the Administrator a message.

Also, no Tentaspies. Seriously. As much as we think Tentaspies are hilarious, you people cut that shit out.
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