Helen [REDACTED] (adminamod) wrote in teufort,

This is important information that you all had better pay attention to.

Yes, I've been away from you bumbling idiots for quite some time. I would say that I've been gone longer than I've wished, yet this is not the case. If I were able to, I would ignore you fools much, much longer, but there is much work to be done. And two men in particular are becoming annoyed with your inactivity on the battlefield. One has even threatened to snap your necks, one by one.

But I digress.

You have new members on your teams. Befriend them. New members, you have teammates. Befriend them. Inactive members, you are inactive. I will be sending out pink slips shortly, as well as activity checks for those I have not seen write a monthly log as of yet.

We will have a battle soon. Hopefully this will cure the dry spell that we've been having, since I simply cannot tolerate this level of idiocy and inactivity. I have, also, had a message sent to me from one of the disgruntled members of the RED team, commenting to me that his fellow teammates were, and I quote, "stupid ass drunks and morons who couldn't hit a goddamn target if it stabbed them right in the freakin' face". It would behoove you, RED team, to schedule a meeting soon to either discuss this matter with and/or pummel this particular teammate of yours.

You have been informed. See to it that you act according to my demands.
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