The RED Scout (iamthescouthere) wrote in teufort,
The RED Scout

Activity Check

The Administrator's feeling a little under the weather (she had a little too much to drink last night after trying to drown her hatred for everyone through martinis) so I'm taking over for her and just doing a quick post about who's around still and who isn't.

I know that the RP's been kind of quiet lately, 'cause I know classes started up again and a lot of people (like me) have been busy 'cause it's the beginning of the year (or since some of us kind of have gotten addicted with Tumblr recently… *ahem*), and that's totally okay. I haven't been paying attention to who's been posting and who hasn't, so here's what I propose for an activity check.

COMMENT ON THIS POST BY 2/24/11 WITH AT LEAST ONE OF YOUR JOURNALS IF YOU'RE STILL ACTIVE. That's a whole week to check and see if everyone who still wants to be in the community is sticking around. If you just joined this month, you don't have to comment. But once everyone checks in, I'll get the Administrator to contact everyone who hasn't and send them their pink slips (since I'm pretty sure it's been over three weeks since a couple of people have been active).

A new battle log should be coming in the next week (but given how notoriously bad the Admin is with updating them, this is probably only a guess). If you guys want to do something other than a battle log, let me know.
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