Helen [REDACTED] (adminamod) wrote in teufort,

Just a little note to you all. I hope at least ONE of you reads this. You quitter.

Due to recent events, I feel that I must make an announcement regarding employee termination. If you feel that you wish to resign from our fort, do NOT, and I mean DO NOT leave by deleting your account. It is entirely unfair to your teammates to lose pieces of their logs, or pieces of conversations they have worked on with you if you decide to destroy everything that you have written. It also displeases me, because that is an immature and callous move, possibly one that is more cold-hearted than anything that I could ever possibly do. Which is just yell at you.

In the future, to present and to future members, act like the grown-ups that you are and please, instead, message me or iamthescouthere like a responsible, mature human being if you feel you must depart. Yes, I have the capability and the desire to bite off your heads, but if you feel like you cannot handle the responsibility nor the role of a mercenary, I will not do anything other than give you a fond farewell and possibly a basket of fruit.

But you get no fruit baskets for deleting your account. All you get is a public shaming. And everyone will remember you as the team member who... oh, what is it that they are calling people who leave without warning these days? Ah yes. Ragequitters.

You have all found this informative.
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ooc: Informative post is informative :P

Aww...I'm sad to see Engie go. Now both teams don't have one. >:
(OOC: Oh fuck it I don't even.../feelings)

"Here lays Blake Monroe,
Ve planted him raw.
He vas quick on zhe trigger,
But slow on zhe draw."

I regret nozhing. And yes, zhis vas quite informative, danke

Haha, sehr gutes Gedicht, Doktor! It is indeed unfortunate szat your Engineer has gone.

Correct me if I am wrong, Frau Administrator-- I probably am-- but I believe szat makes ze teams uneven. Vill ze next battle be delayed because of szis?

Soon I will update the console list of team members, but as of right now, both Engineers from both teams have retired (RED Engineer has retired civilly and very maturely, and I wish him the best of luck and shall give him the fruit basket I would have given the BLU Engineer). So you are all just as evenly matched as you were before, save for one extra member on the BLU team.
OOC: Sad fish :( They will be missed
OOC: Eh, not really. Now he's become more of an inside joke for people that are inactive for a while.