The RED Scout (iamthescouthere) wrote in teufort,
The RED Scout

Update Post (01/04/12)

Updates for 1/4/12

Alright, so since the Administrator is nursing a huge headache, I thought I'd go ahead and make some announcements.

1) There are a couple of people who haven't been posting regularly. Just make sure that you're updating your class and at least post a couple of posts on the battle log. If you can't think of anything to write on there, that's fine: write an entry instead! Or start a new log. You can start new logs during the battle post (since they don't necessarily have to include the result of the battle).

2) Since I last noticed, TF2 is kind of sort of a hilarious game that makes my (and hopefully, your) sides burst with uncontrollable laughter. Drama is cool, but the TF2 world is overall pretty wacky. Just keep that in mind.

3) Who can/wants to play TF2 this Sunday (1/7)? I'm thinking of setting up a server on Steam around 5 or 6 EST and playing until 10 EST. If this works or doesn't work for people, lemme know! It might be fun.

4) WE NEED MORE MEMBERS. I know I always say that, but we honestly do. If you know anyone or any other place to advertise our RP, please advertise the comm to your heart's content! Also, if you're kind of struggling with two characters, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know. I am highlighting this and underlining it because it's very important. It's better to drop a character than just keeping hold of him and not using him, and it's not fair to the rest of us if we want to interact with that character. Also, someone who might want to join the RP gets the short end of the stick if characters are taken but not being used. And I think for battle logs it'll be a lot more fun and a whole less limiting if we have characters that are only used by one person. Just think it over and send me a PM about it if you fall in this group.

5) HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope it's great for you guys so far!
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