The RED Scout (iamthescouthere) wrote in teufort,
The RED Scout

Quick Update Post (12/13/2011)


Due to the influx in OOC posts we've been having on people's character journals lately, I created an OOC community, where you can post about hiatuses, fun TF2 stuff, or whatever else that's unrelated to the RP. I think it'll be better for separating all of the OOC stuff with the IC stuff, just so that everything is organized and so we can have a central hub to socialize.

(Also, we have someone applying for BLU Engineer. Anyone can still apply for him if you want him, since he hasn't been taken yet, but I need to write this down 'cause the person who asked to join disabled private notes. So I will embarrass them here. xD blakemonroe, PM me a third person paragraph as your character and then I'll let you know about joining! And set your privacy settings so I can send you a PM next time! Thanks!)
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