Helen [REDACTED] (adminamod) wrote in teufort,

This is an important message, as are all of my messages.

Please update your friends page by copying and pasting the list in this post into your computer console. You all now have a BLU Sniper and a RED Demoman. Treat them with the same respect you treat your current co-workers. Imagine that last sentence to be drenched in a generous amount of sarcasm.

Also, battles are postponed until my assistants and I get the mercenary situation sorted out. In the meantime, do whatever it is you buffoons do with your free time. I will temporarily allow you all to travel outside of the fort's boundaries if you wish to lollygag off base, but keep in mind that I have had dangerous microscopic devices secretly embedded inside of each of your skulls, which will implode if you linger away for far too long (you will be given a ten-second warning if this occurs).

That is all for now.
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